Mobile Observation Methods for Road Maintenance Assessments.

The key objectives are to develop, test and evaluate improved, affordable and moderate-cost road condition and performance assessment techniques, which offer new effective tools for monitoring and assessing maintenance needs across Europe.

Since the advent of satellite navigation systems that allow vehicle tracking, there has been considerable research and development of monitoring systems that use intelligent cars as sensors. Having several such cars in a fleet results in FCD systems (Fleet Car Data). Most previous studies have concentrated on the use of FCD for the analysis of the traffic state and to develop better traffic information and telematics services.

In MOBI-ROMA, the emphasis of the study is on road surface condition monitoring using data coming from vehicle’s internal sensors through the CAN-bus, or simple devices mounted on the vehicle. Similar techniques with suitable sensors can be used also for assessing strength of road bed or need for winter maintenance. The key target user sector of MOBI-ROMA is road maintenance.